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Status Effects

Status Effects are factors which affect the happiness and loyalty of a sapien, either positively or negatively, and therefore indirectly affect the productivity, speed and actions of a sapien. They are visible on the box of sapien details when a sapien is clicked on, or in the sapiens menu of the tribe window, and are represented by small icons, which can be hovered over to get details of the status effect.

There are also minor, major and critical status effects created by sapien health conditions, which are covered on the Medicine page.

Major status effects

Major status effects are distinguished by their large icon, causing all other effects to be faded. They have a much stronger effect on happiness or loyalty than minor status effects.

Major positive status effects

Had a child

“Just had a child” When a parent of a sapien has just had a child born, a sapien received this status effect, causing their happiness to be maximum for a short time after the birth. Loyalty is also boosted slightly.

Major negative status effects

Family member died

“A close relation or family member of the sapien has died” When a family member of the sapien’s family tree dies, it will receive this effect, and will have 0 happiness. However, loyalty is unaffected.


“Desperately needs food” When a sapien has been unable to eat for a long time, they will receive the starvation status effect, causing their happiness and loyalty to both decrease greatly, and causing them to eventually leave.

Major injury

“The sapien has suffered a major injury. It can heal slowly, or could lead to death.” When a sapien has a minor injury which becomes infected, or is directly assaulted by a mammoth, a major injury can occur, which reduces the sapien happiness to 0 and causes them to be unable to perform work, and will almost always be fatigued if they do not sit or lie down. They will also sleep much more.


“Desperately needs a rest” When a sapien is particularly tired, usually if elderly, and they have been working for a long period of time without a rest, they receive this status effect, which negatively affects loyalty and happiness. The sapien will immediately attempt to find somewhere to rest.

Minor status effects

Minor status effects have small impacts on happiness and loyalty, but several can be present at once, and can add up to have a significant impact.

Minor positive status effects

Just ate

“Just ate some food” For a short time after a sapien has eaten, they will receive this positive buff to happiness and loyalty.

Well rested

“Just had a nice break from work” If a sapien has spent some time resting, with the exact time depending on sapien traits such as lazy or energetic, and whether they were overworked or fatigued, they will receive a boost to happiness and loyalty due to this status effect.

Learned a new skill

“Just learned a new skill” If a sapien learns a new skill, they receive this boost to happiness and loyalty for a short time afterwards.


“Permanent boost caused by the loyalty trait” A boost to loyalty worth 1 star, caused by the loyal trait.


“Permanent boost to happiness caused by the optimist trait” A boost to happiness worth 1 star, caused by the optimist trait.

Good sleep

“Slept in a bed under cover” Boosts happiness and loyalty slightly after waking up from sleeping, for a short time

Listened to music

“Listened to some music recently” Boosts happiness and loyalty slightly, occurs for a short time after being in proximity of a sapien playing an instrument such as a bone flute, which plays music.

Minor negative status effects


“Would like to eat” Decreases happiness and loyalty slightly, and will cause the sapien to walk to the nearest food storage area and eat food if it is available.


“Everyone needs a rest now and then” Decreases happiness and loyalty slightly, occurs when the sapien has been working for a long period of time without a rest.


“Permanent status effect caused by the Pessimist trait” Permanently decreases happiness by 1 star.

Slept on the floor

“Slept on the floor last night. Sapiens prefer to sleep in a bed under cover.” Occurs for most of the day after a sapien has slept on the floor the previous night. Decreases happiness and loyalty slightly.

Slept outside

“Slept outside. Sapiens prefer to sleep under cover.” Occurs for most of the day after a sapien has slept outside the previous night. Decreases happiness and loyalty slightly.

Needs music

“Musical sapiens need to listen to music every now and then” Slightly decreases happiness and loyalty if a musical sapien does not get to listen to music for a while.

Minor injury

“Some scrapes and bruises. Should heal on its own, but could become infected.” Decreases happiness and loyalty.


“Sapiens like to be under cover during rain” Occurs if a sapien stays outside in the rain for a period of time, decreasing happiness and loyalty for some time. Will disappear eventually if the sapien goes inside or the rain stops, but takes time for the sapien to dry out.

Friend died

“A fried of the sapien has died recently” Occurs when a friend of the sapien dies. Decreased happiness.