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A male Sapien in a coat.


A sapien is a human that lives in the game. These sapiens make up your tribe and do the work that the tribe needs.


Each sapien has an age associated with it, representing its current stage of life. This can be viewed in the tribe window, listing the sapiens of the tribe, or by directly clicking on the sapien. There are 4 primary stages of life of a sapien. A sapien's age is counted by days.


For a short time after birth (1 day), a sapien will be carried by its mother, shown by the mother’s status of “carrying baby”, which prevents skills which require heavy lifting from being performed.


After growing up from being a baby, a sapien will be independent, and a child, until age 11 (10 days after becoming a child). Children are distinguishable from their small size, and they function mostly as an adult sapien, although they are unable to perform skills which require heavy lifting, and are unable to become pregnant or carry a baby.


During this phase of life, which makes up the majority of the lifespan of a sapien (40 days, age 11 to age 50), a sapien can perform all tasks, provided it is not carrying a baby or pregnant, both of which prevent skills which require heavy lifting from being performed. It can also become pregnant and have children if it is female.


Elderly sapiens (age 51 to 60) will be unable to perform tasks which require heavy lifting, and cannot get pregnant or have children (please confirm). They will have gray hair, and require more rest, and get overworked and fatigued more easily.


Death notification fo a Sapien.

Death happens to every sapien eventually, and can occur in several different ways, although sapiens will often leave the tribe before some means of death can occur, such as starvation. When a sapien dies, any of its family members (visible from the sapiens menu in the tribe window, in the family tree of the sapien) will suffer from a major negative status effect, causing their happiness to be 0, although their loyalty will be unaffected. The grieving sapiens will need some time away from work to recover.

When a death occurs, a notification will display, detailing the name of the sapien, their portrait, and the cause. The sapien will then despawn from the game.

Old Age

The most common cause of death, as sapiens will leave due to starvation instead of dying. Occurs once the sapien is elderly, after a few more years. There is no way to prevent this from occurring.

Critical Injury

When a sapien suffers from a minor injury which gets infected, or when they are attacked by a mammoth, they can suffer a major injury, which is visible as a major negative status effect. This can cause them to die.

Critical Viral Infection

Critical Burn


All sapiens are born with traits that affect certain aspects of the game. These traits can be categorized into two types:

  • Role Modifiers, or traits that modify the effectiveness of a sapien to carrying out an assigned role
  • Behavior Modifiers, or traits that modify a sapien's inherent behaviors and characteristics.

Role Modifiers

These traits modify how effective a sapien is at carrying out a role they have been assigned.

Charismatic Courageous Fearful Strong Focused Logical Creative Fast Learner Slow Learner Strong Immunity Weak Immunity
Skill Baking.png +1
Skill BasicBuilding.png
Skill BasicCooking.png +1 +1
Skill BasicHunting.png +1
Skill BoneCarving.png +0.5 +1
Skill Butchery.png +1
Skill Digging.png +1
Skill Diplomacy.png +1 +0.5 -0.5
Skill FireLighting.png +0.5
Skill FlaxSpinning.png +0.5 +1
Skill FlintKnapping.png +0.5 +1
Skill GeneralLabor.png +1 +1
Skill GrainGrinding.png +1 +0.5
Skill Investigation.png +1 +1 +0.5 +1 -1
Skill Medicine.png +1 -1
Skill Mining.png +1
Skill MudBrickBuilding.png +0.5 +0.5 +0.5 -0.5
Skill Music.png +0.5 +1
Skill Planting.png +1
Skill Pottery.png +0.5 +1
Skill RockKnapping.png +0.5 +1
Skill SpearHunting.png +1
Skill ThatchBuilding.png +0.5 +0.5 +0.5 -0.5
Skill Threshing.png +1
Skill ToolAssembly.png +0.5 +1
Skill TreeFelling.png +1
Skill WoodBuilding.png +0.5 +0.5 +0.5 -0.5
Skill WoodWorking.png +0.5 +1

Behavior Modifiers

These traits modify characteristics that are inherent to a sapien.

Loyal Lazy Energetic Long Sleeper Early Riser Glutton Small Eater Optimist Pessimist Musical Tone Deaf Strong Immunity Weak Immunity
Rest Required +1 -1
Sleep Length +1* -1*
Loyalty +1
Hunger +1 -1
Mood +1 -1
Music Influence +1 -1
Viral Immunity -1 +1

* Impact is equivalent to 5 times the difference between adult and child waking times.