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A garden with all medicinal plants.

The Medicine game mechanic allows for craftable Medicines that are used to treat health conditions that Sapiens are susceptible to.

Health Conditions

Sapiens are subject to 4 different types of treatable health conditions: injuries, burns, food poisoning, and viral infection. Sapiens will experience increased Loyalty when any of the conditions are treated.


Injury Severity In-Game Description
Minor Injury "Just a few cuts and bruises. Should heal on its own but can become infected without treatment."
Major injury "Can move, but can no longer do work. Will heal faster with the right medicine, or could become critical."
Critical injury "Life threatening injury. May heal slowly, but without treatment it could lead to death."

Treatment of an injury requires an Injury Medicine.


Burn Severity In-Game Description
Minor burn "A little painful, but should heal on its own. Can heal faster with the right medicine."
Major burn "Prevents certain activities. May heal slowly without treatment, or could become critical."
Critical burn "Life threatening burn."

Treatment of a burn requires a Burn Medicine.

Food Poisoning

Poisoning Severity In-Game Description
Minor food poisoning "Should recover fine, but treat with the right medicine to make sure it doesn't get worse."
Major food poisoning "Can no longer work. May recover slowly without treatment, or could become critical."
Critical food poisoning "Life threatening condition."

Treatment of Food Poisoning requires a Food Poisoning Medicine.

Viral Infection

Infection Severity In-Game Description
Minor viral symptoms "A little sniffle, should clear on its own, but could become worse or spread to other sapiens without treatment."
Major viral infection "Prevents certain activities. Could become critical and will spread easily to other sapiens."
Critical viral infection "Extremely infectious. Without treatment, could lead to death."

Treatment of viral infection requires a Virus Medicine.


To research a medicine requires that you have all the required ingredients for a particular medicine (noted in the table below) and a Quern-stone to investigate it in. Any medical ingredient can be investigated to learn a medicine recipe however since some ingredients can be used in more than one recipe, to avoid complication in determining which medicine will be investigated use the following to guarantee the resulting medicine:

When the first medicine is successfully investigated the tribe will have the Medicine Skill.


The following medicines are available to be crafted. Medicines are created from medicinal plants. Please note that all medicines require a bowl and quern-stone in addition to the ingredients to craft, and must be crafted at a crafting area by a sapien assigned the Medicine role.

Medicine Description Aloe Leaf Echinacea Flower Elderberries Garlic Ginger Marigold Flower Poppy Flower Turmeric Root
InjuryMedicine.png Treats general physical injuries.
BurnMedicine.png Treats burns.
PoisoningMedicine.png Treat stomach issues caused by food poisioning.
VirusMedicine.png Treats colds and viral infections.

Applying Treatment

Sapiens are able to self administer a medicine themselves if the appropriate medicine is available in a Storage Area. However, Sapiens with the Medicine Role will proactively seek out and treat other sapiens requiring medical attention. Typically the player does not need to manually direct that medicines be administered, however the option is available on the radial menu when a sapien is selected. Sapiens requiring medical attention are denoted with a "+" icon over their head.

Manual assignment to cure a sapien is required is when sapiens are sick when you first learn medicine or a particular medicine. But from that point forward if someone gets sick, you have the medicine researched already and there is stock on hand, you don't need to actually click the "+", a medic will immediately assign itself to cure them.


Food Poisoning Immunity

Virus Immunity


Version Comments
0.3.5 Medicine Introduced