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The mechanic which determines whether an entity is indoors or outdoors has several effects on items and sapiens. This mechanic will be explained, along with its effects, in this article.

Determining whether an entity is indoors

If an entity is under a roof or floor piece (NOT a rotated wall piece), it is considered indoors. The head of a sapien is considered for this. Otherwise, it is considered outdoors. This can also be tested by selecting an item which decays which is in the selected spot. If the item is indoors, its description of decay time on the bottom left will state ‘decays X indoors’ - otherwise, this description will state ‘decays X outdoors’.

Effects of being indoors

  • Food items and other decaying items tend to decay slower (see Mechanics:Decay for more info)
  • Sapiens sleeping indoors and on a bed gain a positive status effect, as opposed to a negative one for not sleeping indoors.
  • Sapiens will not get wet if indoors during rain, and will dry off indoors during rain.