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Death happens to every sapien eventually, and can occur in several different ways, although sapiens will often leave the tribe before some means of death can occur, such as starvation. When a sapien dies, any of its family members (visible from the sapiens menu in the tribe window, in the family tree of the sapien) will suffer from a major negative status effect, causing their happiness to be 0, although their loyalty will be unaffected. The grieving sapiens will need some time away from work to recover.

When a death occurs, a notification will display, detailing the name of the sapien, their portrait, and the cause.

Causes of death

Old age

The most common cause of death, as sapiens will leave due to starvation instead of dying. Occurs once the sapien is elderly, after a few more years. There is no way to prevent this from occurring.

Major injury

When a sapien suffers from a minor injury which gets infected, or when they are attacked by a mammoth, they can suffer a major injury, which is visible as a major negative status effect. This can cause them to die.