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General Labour

General Labour includes hauling items, clearing grass and harvesting common resources like fruits from trees.

Basic Building

Basic Building includes the construction of beds, crafting/storage areas and placing other objects.

Wood Building

Wood Building includes the construction from wood, like door frames, window walls and walls.

Thatch Building

Thatch Building includes the ability to make structures out of hay, reeds or branches.

Mud Brick Building

Mud Brick Building includes the ability to make structures out of mud bricks.


Investigation includes the process of investigating a new thing to make breakthroughs to advance the tribe's knowledge.


Diplomacy includes the persuasion of wandering Sapiens to join your tribe.

Fire Lighting

Fire Lighting includes the lighting of fires, which provide warmth and cook food

Rock Knapping

Rock Knapping includes the ability to create primitive rock tools and split larger rocks into smaller ones.

Flint Knapping

Flint Knapping includes the ability to create less primitive flint tools, which are longer lasting and better than their rock counterparts.

Bone Carving

Bone Carving includes the ability to create musical instrumentals and sharp blades from bones.


Music includes the playing of music to lift the tribes' spirit, increasing loyalty and happiness.


Pottery includes the ability to create urns and pots.


Spinning includes the ability to create twines and ropes from plant fibers.

Basic Hunting

Basic Hunting includes the ability to hunt and kill small animals by throwing simple projectiles.

Spear Hunting

Spear Hunting includes the ability to hunt and kill larger and faster animals than #Basic Hunting, with the use of spears.


Butchery includes the ability to harvest meat from the carcass of a dead animal.

Basic Cooking

Basic Cooking includes the ability to cook meat to provide more nutritional value.


Baking includes the process of needing flour into dough and creating a nutritious meal.

Tree Felling

Tree Felling includes the process of chopping down trees.

Wood Working

Wood Working includes the crafting of things made out of branches and logs.

Tool Assembly

Tool Assembly includes the crafting of more complex tools by combining multiple components.


Mining includes the process of digging up valuable resources like rock.


Planting includes the process of planting a seed or crow to harvest more.


Threshing includes the process of making grains ready to mill or cook.


Griding includes the process of crushing grains to make food out of them.