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A planet as seen on the planetary map.

A world is the location that a Sapiens game takes place in. Every world consists of a unique planet larger than Earth, generated by a seed.


When a player presses the "Create world" button on the main menu, They are shown a planet with a panel on the left showing it's seed and the options that were used to create it. By default, all sliders will be in the middle. The options given when creating a world are "World Name, Seed, Sea Level, Rainfall, Temperature, Continent Size, Mountain Height, Hills Size" and "Hills Height."

World Name

World names are pseudorandomly generated using a short list of Toki Pona nouns and adjectives to create a name. Often these names do not make that much sense when translated to English.


  • Every world in the game has a surface area of 884,279,719km2 according to a graphic posted by Dave Frampton, the developer. This is 57.6% larger than the surface area of Earth in real life.
  • In colder environments like the north pole, Sapiens will wear coats to keep themselves warm.
  • In hotter environments like the equator or desert, Sapiens are more likely to have a dark skin tone as they produce more melanin.
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