Early Access Roadmap

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The early access roadmap is a very high level grouping of when features will be added to the game before it is fully released as 1.0.

Roadmap Chart


Implementation Tracker

Feature Planned Phase Released Notes
Weaving of linen from twine, for bandages and clothing Phase 1
Clothing will degrade over time Phase 1
Hypothermia, starvation and disease Phase 1 0.3.5
Options for helping sick and injured sapiens Phase 1 0.3.5
Events which create challenges in the later game Phase 1 0.4 0.4 - Wind storms introduced.
Resources will rot faster in hotter temperatures Phase 1
More building components, especially roof parts Phase 1 0.4
New oven to cook food and bake breads Phase 1
Idle sapiens will watch and learn while others work Phase 1
Steam achievements Phase 1
Controller support Phase 1 0.4 Partial support introduced in 0.4.
Multiplayer support where you each control a tribe Phase 2
LAN/PP2P multiplayer Phase 2
Dedicated server support, Windows and Linux servers Phase 2
New interactions with other tribes, including conflict Phase 2
Melee weapons Phase 2
Small boats and options for transporting more items at once Phase 2
New decorative options for building Phase 2
Doors and new types of furniture Phase 2
Copper and tin, and metal smelting to make bronze tools Phase 2 0.4
New tools including a scythe Phase 2 0.4 Hammer and chisel introduced in 0.4.
VR Support Phase 3
New mobs, with hostile animals and greater variety Phase 3
Farming of mobs, with life cycles Phase 3
New fences which can be placed in long lines like paths Phase 3
Mob taming, allowing new interactions Phase 3
Birds lay eggs, shearing of wool Phase 3
Implement family tree and inventory panels Phase 3
Add ability to assign tools to individuals Phase 3
Greater clothing variety, including dyes/pigments Phase 3
New trees and plants Phase 3
Improved conversations, relationships between sapiens Phase 3