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Crafting is the main way that sapiens can refine raw ingredients into more useful products, to aid in the tribe’s productivity and survival. For example, tools can be crafted to improve productivity and allow them to perform more complex tasks, or musical instruments can be carved to provide some entertainment for the sapiens. Some skills are required to craft certain items.


Crafting is done at different stations which can craft a range of items.


Used mainly to craft cooked food items.

Crafting area

Used to craft most items, such as tools, split logs, instruments and flax twine.

Crafting process

Crafting is performed by clicking on the crafting station to be used, and pressing ‘craft’. An item to be crafted can then be chosen, either by selecting the quantity to be crafted by moving the slider, and pressing ‘craft’ to craft a fixed quantity, or pressing ‘craft continuously’ to repeatedly craft the item with no limit, until manually cancelled. This can be used for automation, although some crafting recipes where the ingredients can be found naturally, such as urns using clay, can cause sapiens to travel long distances in an attempt to collect more clay for the crafting recipe, which must be considered.

When crafting an item, sapiens with the general labour skill assigned will bring the required ingredients if they are available nearby, either on the floor or in a storage area, to the crafting area, and leave them on the raised stone surface. A sapien assigned the skill required to craft the item will then craft it, using up the ingredients and producing the product as a loose item after a short delay (longer if the sapien has to learn the skill first).