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A planet as seen on the planetary map.


A world is the location that a Sapiens game takes place in. Every world consists of a unique planet larger than Earth, generated by a seed.


When a player presses the "Create world" button on the main menu, they are shown a planet with a panel on the left showing its seed and the options that were used to create it.

By default, all sliders will be in the middle. The player can set the following options:

  • World Name
  • Seed
  • Sea Level
  • Rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Continent Size
  • Mountain Height
  • Hills Size
  • Hills Height

World Name

World names are pseudorandomly generated using a short list of Toki Pona nouns and adjectives to create a name. Often these names do not make that much sense when translated to English.


  • Every world in the game has a surface area of 884,279,719km2 according to a graphic posted by Dave Frampton, the developer. This is 57.6% larger than the surface area of Earth in real life.
  • In colder environments like the north pole, Sapiens will wear coats to keep themselves warm and the day/night cycle is fairly accurate to that of the real world, with winter days being very short and summer days very long.
  • In hotter environments like the equator or desert, Sapiens are more likely to have a dark skin tone as they produce more melanin.
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