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A notification is a method that the game uses to alert you of an event happening with the tribe. They are boxes in the HUD in the top-right of the screen, containing the information regarding the event as well as a relevant image, usually of a sapien involved. If multiple notifications occur at once, or in quick succession, the boxes will form a list of sorts, although they disappear after X seconds. Pressing the keybind for checking notifications (default Enter) will take you to the location or sapien where the event has occurred.

Causes for notifications

Sapien pregnant

When a sapien becomes pregnant, a notification will appear displaying the name of the sapien who is pregnant, and that they are pregnant.

Sapien gave birth

When a sapien is born, a notification displays.

Sapien has died

When a sapien dies, a notification is displayed showing the name of the sapien, and the cause of death.

Sapien about to leave the tribe

When a sapien’s loyalty is low, and they are close to leaving the tribe, a notification will appear as a warning.

Sapien has left the tribe

When a sapien leaves the tribe, a notification will show.

Sapien has joined the tribe

When a sapien joins the tribe by being recruited, a notification will show.

New tribe spotted

If a new tribe has been spotted nearby, a notification appears, which if checked will show the location of one of the sapiens in the tribe.

Mammoth killed

If sapiens successfully hunt a mammoth, a notification will display alerting you that the mammoth has been killed.

Skill learned

If a sapien learns a new skill, a notification appears showing the sapien name and the skill learned.