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If you're having a bit of trouble following the tutorial or figuring out how to do something, you've found the right place. The following page outlines the most frequently asked questions about the game from new players. This is being compiled over time based on questions asked mostly in Sapiens Discord Server and Steam Community Hub.


The game won't start because it says I need to update my drivers?

The game requires the most up to date video card drivers to work. Windows Update will not do this, you need to go to the manufacturer's website for your video card and download from there. The major GPU manufacturers have an app that will auto-detect and install the correct drivers on your system.

Major Graphics Card Vendor Sites

Guidance from the Developer

The developer has created a post on Steam that provides additional details. Crashing or Graphics issues? Check here first!


How do I unlock X?

Check the Skills page for a list of skills and how to unlock them.

Why do my Sapiens keep leaving?

The Sapien page has some good information on their traits (happiness, etc) that may help.

My tribe population is dwindling, how do I get more?

The Population Management page has lots of good info on how to increase (and maintain) your Sapien population numbers.

How is time implemented in the game? How long is a year?

You can understand more about how this works on the Time page.

How do I stop Sapiens from eating or using things I don't want them to?

Go to the Tribe Tab, then click on the Resources Tab. Scroll through to find the item you want to restrict then you can uncheck anything you don't want them used for.

Future Game Features

Questions raised about when x functionality is coming and when.

Is feature x planned to be included?

The developer has created an Early Access Roadmap that captures the major features that are planned to be worked on as the game progresses to an official 1.0 release.

When is Multiplayer coming and what will it look like?

There is no firm date for multiplayer functionality however the developer has said he intends to start work on it in early 2023.