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Flora, the plants and crops that can be grown, appear naturally around the world and can be collected. Most can be planted by the player too.


All Flora types are grown in Soil. Soil has 4 qualities: rich, normal, poor and very poor. Clay and all kinds of sand have very poor quality. Rich and poor soil double and half the growth and replenishment speed of flora planted on it respectively.

Main Article - Soil


Plants are the group of non-wood bearing Flora that spawn in the world and can be cultivated to harvest resources.



Trees are a regenerating source of food and branches. All trees can be harvested for branches and seeds/fruit, which replenishes after a time. Trees can also be chopped down using an axe tool and the tree chopping technology to produce logs. Each fruit and seed requires a separate storage area, but branches from any kind of tree can be stored together.

Main Category:Trees

Trees - Branch Bearing

These trees produce branches and seeds. Seeds will rot after a time based on its environmental conditions.

Category:Trees - Branch Bearing

Trees - Fruit Bearing

These trees produce branches and fruit. Fruit will rot after a time based on its environmental conditions.

Category:Trees - Fruit Bearing

Trees - Log Bearing

Log bearing trees provide logs when cut.

Category:Trees - Log Bearing


Bushes are a naturally regenerating source of berries. Berries can be eaten or planted to produce new bushes. Each bush produces 6 berries per harvest. Both kinds of bush yield one birch branch when uprooted.


Medicinal Plants

These plants can be used to create medicines.

Category:Medicinal Plants

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